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sash window cord replacing

New Cords/Balancing

New cords and balancing are another of the services we provide. If the sash cords break and need to be replaced, or windows won’t stay open due to incorrectly balanced weights, which are too heavy and cause the windows to keep shutting – you have a problem! We can fix both of these issues with new cords and a re-balancing service.

sash window cord replacing

Casement Windows Restoration

Here at SashFit UK, we also provide services for casement windows from rot repair to draught proofing and decorating. We believe all of your windows should get the same level of care and attention, and are here to handle any query you might have for casements, including a complete window replacement service. At SashFit UK, we care about casements just as much as you.

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Rot Repair

Windows rot and decay when the wood becomes wet and starts to deteriorate. This is usually caused by a breaking down of the paint, which begins to flake and allows water ingress. We can repair the window by splicing out the old rotten wood to replace it with new timber. We find this is a more cost-effective solution than replacing the whole window.

casement windows

All Aspects Of Bespoke Joinery

Our bespoke joinery solutions cover everything you need for home improvement works. Using skilled carpentry, we offer a wide range of solutions and have tailored services that are designed with your individual needs in mind, with fully transparent prices available at all times. Speak to us about the project you have in mind and let us provide you with a free quote.

Replacement Windows

If your sash windows are too badly damaged and cannot be repaired, the solution is to replace them with a new replica sash window that has all the charm of period windows, yet benefits from our quality double glazing units and draught proofing system. This gives you the best of both worlds, with a window that looks full of appeal and has superior energy efficiency.

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Sash Window Decorating

Ask about our sash window decorating service then leave everything to us. We prime, prepare and paint your windows to exceptional standards, and leave you with a glossy finish in your chosen colour. For a flawless finish and service with a smile, get a quote for our sash window decorating service and contact us today.

sash window security options


We take window security extremely seriously here at Browns and want you to feel safe and well-protected whilst you are at home. One of the measures we take to ensure this includes the installation of integral locking mechanisms and barrel locks, which can be fitted to secure the windows. We make sure sash windows are sturdy, look great and are better protected.

sash window double glazing in Denton

Double Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing is another great way to save money on your energy bills. Our ultra-thin double glazing units will stop any draughts from entering your property and they can cut noise levels by up to 50%. Make enquiries about double glazing and get your free quote from us here at Browns today, see the money you can save.

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