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Pick SashFit UK Sash Window Repair North Reddish for experience, reliability as well as value for money. We’re the sash window experts, so contact us today whether you need double glazing, a window repair or sash windows decorating, and call for your COST-FREE, no-obligation quote on 07595 510 190

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Sash Windows Repair

Here at SashFit UK, we also offer services for casement windows from rot repair service to draught proofing as well as updating. We believe every one of your house windows have to experience the same level of treatment and interest, and are right here to take care of any type of inquiry you could have for sashes, including a complete window replacement service. We care about sashes just as much as you do.

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Rot Repair

Windows rot and decay when the timber gets wet and starts to weaken. This is usually caused by a breaking down of the paint, which begins to flake and enables water access. We can fix the window by splicing out the old rotten timber to replace it with fresh wood. We find this is a much more cost-efficient remedy than replacing the entire window.

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Replacement Windows

If your sash windows in SK5 6 are far too severely ruined and cannot be fixed, the remedy is to change them with a fresh replica sash window that has all the appeal of period windows, yet benefits from our quality double glazing units as well as draught proofing system. This offers you the best of both worlds, with a window that looks full of appeal and has exceptional energy efficiency.

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North West Double Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing is another excellent method to save your power expenses. Our ultra-thin double glazing units will stop any type of draughts from entering your home and they can cut noise levels by up to 50%. Make enquiries about double glazing and get your totally free quote from us right here today, see the money you can save.

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We can repair any type of rot as well as change the double glazing to match your existing sash windows, keeping the style of your residence as well as building intact, whilst adding to the sense of appeal. Just about any size, any kind of style, any type of colour. Regardless of what type of window sashes you have, we make your wish a reality with our sensational window service. Figure out even more about double glazing for sash windows by contacting us today.

Our Specialist Sash Window Restoration and Renovation Services Greater Manchester

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New Cords/Balancing

New cords as well as balancing are another of the services we provide. If the sash wires break and need to be changed, or house windows won't remain open because of inaccurately balanced weights, which are more excessive and make the windows to always keep shutting-- you have a problem! We can take care of both of these concerns with fresh wires as well as a re-balancing service.

All Aspects Of Bespoke Joinery

Our unique joinery services cover everything you needfor home improvement projects. Making use of proficient carpentry, we offer a wide range of services and have customised services that are developed with your specific preferences in mind, with totally transparent rates readily available at all times. Speak with us about the task you have in mind and let us provide you with a free quote.

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North Reddish Sash Window Designing

Inquire about our sash window beautifying service after that leave everything to us. We prime, prepare as well as decorate your home windows to remarkable levels, and leave you with a shiny coating in your selected colour. For a remarkable coating as well as service with a smile, get a quote for our sash window beautyfying service as well as contact us today.

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Safety and security

We take window safety very seriously here at SashFit UK and want you to {feel} safe as well as well-protected whilst you are at your residence. Among the steps we take to guarantee this includes the installation of integral locking mechanisms as well as barrel locks, which can be fitted to secure the windows. We ensure sash windows are sturdy, look wonderful and are better shielded.

North Reddish Wooden Sash Window Maintenance - Renovation And Refurbishment Contractors

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Double Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing is another excellent method to save your power expenses. Our ultra-thin double glazing units will stop any type of draughts from entering your home and they can cut noise levels by up to 50%. Make enquiries about double glazing and get your totally free quote from us right here today, see the money you can save.

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Draught Proofing

Prevent draughts, rattles, dirt as well as dust from entering your home. Our draught proofing service prevents all of this and a lot more, plus it also assists with soundproofing, to offer you a pleasant as well as cosy home. If you would like save money on power bills as well as gain from an energy efficient property, find out even more about this as well as get your home windows draughtproofed as soon as possible.


What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows go back to the 1600s. Part of what has actually made them a much-loved among home owners to date is their {aesthetics|visual appeal|pleasing looks|pleasing appearance. Throughout the years, sash windows have actually evolved to become far more resistant, durable, as well as practical. Nevertheless, what many tend to ignore is that it’s not just the advancements in energy efficiency, glazing, as well as UV protection that have actually played a huge role in the advancement of sash windows as well as many other residential and commercial property structures. All these excellent changes can partially be credited to numerous other factors, including the innovations as well as positive changes in construction materials. The majority of residential and commercial property constructions are no longer what they used to be centuries ago, thanks to the advancement in building materials.

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Besides repair, SashFit UK Sash Window Repair can design, supply, as well as install all sorts of wooden windows, including sash as well as casement. We can also upgrade your existing windows to a double glazed version, complete with draught-proofing.

Other services we offer include the manufacture as well as installation of:

Fit box sash window replacements
Complete hardwood casement home windows (both doubleas well as single glazed for regular residential or commercial properties, conversion spaces, as well as listed properties.

What Makes The Sash Window Popular In North Reddish?

The sash window has characteristics you will not immediately spot in windows. Among its popular features is the fact that you can change it from inside without needing to scaffold. The other attribute is that it’s easy to repair them. That’s what makes other wooden windows such as casement and wooden doors popular also. Such repair works can be carried out perfectly and to your satisfaction when you have the help of a certified sash window specialist like SashFit UK.


Sash windows originated in Europe in the 13th Century. But their designs only began to gain importance in the 16th century. They were popular all over Europe at the time, in spite of the simplicity in their style. You could only open and close them horizontally.

It didn’t take long before the window’s popularity spread into Britain. Brits quickly started to manufacture them. They offered fresh design attributes such as the vertically opening choice. This was accomplished by drilling several openings down the sides of the window’s frame. Pegs would there after be placed to prevent slippage, among other issues. With these new design attributes, the sash window became suitable for various functions.

But sash windows weren’t without issues. One that they experienced the most was an insufficiently sturdy glass. While the window itself grew strong and a lot more advanced with time, the glass panes didn’t. Therefore, several panes would be used in each sash. One sash would hold up to ten glass panes. Bigger panes weren’t as popular as their little counterparts since they were a lot more vulnerable to breakage. Also vital to note is that the surfaces within sash windows were lacking inconsistencies as well as defects.

The other difficulty was the glazing bars. Initially, they were quite thick, big, as well as conspicuous. Thus, they would eat into the overall visual appeals of the window.

Edwardian Period

The Edwardian period brought with it fresh changes that would later on transform some of the sash window design components. For instance, glass was made tougher while the glazing bars became relatively less in size and not as noticeable and essential as before. The result of these changes was sash windows with lesser glass panes (not more than two).

Homes that were constructed during this period made use of ornate specifics more than anything else. Property owners preferred to have homes with windows that run from the ceiling right up to the floor. It was the most popular demand around this time. Considering that we now had a stronger glass, these requests would easily be satisfied.

2 panes of glass were enough. The top as well as bottom sashes would hold them well. To make this set up aesthetically appealing, the top sashes would be completed with stained glass.

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One persistently wonderful attribute that sash window designs continue to differentiate themselves with is their toughness. They have always been very resilient. With better construction materials, this attribute has been enhanced, making them among the most resilient windows today.

Also the makers have a lot confidence in them that it’s no longer unusual to see warranties that span over 50 years.

All these developments have actually made sash windows a worthy property investment. Plenty of homeowners, specifically those searching for profitable home improvement projects, continue to go for it, listing it among their best property investments.

Proof of the sash window’s toughness can be seen at the Ham House in England. The sash windows on this property were fitted in 1670 when the owners, Duke and Duchess Lauderdale, decided to refurbish their residential property. Centuries later, the windows, and the rest of the mansion, still look new as well as appealing. Although a couple of repairs have been done to the property, the initial design as well as strength have been preserved.


You have most likely run into the conversations as well as arguments that mention the connections involving wooden windows and the natural environment. Some homeowners intentionally refrain from mounting them into their property in favour of the later.

The other side of this argument is that wood windows are in reality among the most environmentally-friendly windows today. Some window designs, like the PVC styles, consume nearly 10 times the energy you would utilize to build wood windows. On top of that, they are ever off-gassing.

That aside, the all-natural wood used to make wooden windows and doors is usually put into maximum use. Even better, we now have technologies, developments, as well as methods that reduce waste. In addition timber can last for centuries, as apparent at the Ham House.

What’s more, you can have your wooden windows designed and painted/stained to your liking. That’s what initially made aluminium and vinyl windows special, but wooden windows are now far better when it comes to that, and other stylistic features.

Questions We Are Often Asked.

If initial windows are in relatively good condition it’s fair to anticipate an overhaul as well as draught proof to set you back from around £350 per window. Sometimes external fixings are required such as sills or a new replacement sash that’s rotted away which can add to the price.

” From the minute you acquire your window we have a lead time of between 8 – 12 weeks to build and make your window for you. The actual installation itself could take anywhere between 3 hours to a complete day.

One way to draught proof your sash windows is by utilising weather stripping or timber beading. In trying to keep up with the style of sash window properties the heritage wood beads are highly recommended. A much better way is to call an experienced specialist.

A window sash is the part of a window that moves and holds the glass panes together. The sash fits inside the window structure, which is affixed to the house. The sash will vary slightly based on the kind of window. For instance, on a double hung window there is an upper as well as lower sash that move up and down.

7 Tips To Assist Maintain Your Sash Windows

Keep your windows tidy. If you’re utilizing paper towels to clean the glass, you’re doing it wrong.

Paint your home windows on a regular basis.

Prevent your home windows from sticking.

Preserve your windows insulation.

Keep your home windows safe.

Oil windows for smooth operation.

Routinely inspect your windows for rot.

Minimize wood degeneration.

Loose glass can be a culprit of rattling sashes. If the glass is loose look to reseal and re putty the sashes. The most common cause is likely to be slack beading, so having your parting and staff beads replaced and adding in our draught proofing is a sure fire way to get rid of rattling sashes

Let’s be completely clear, sash window draught proofing can considerably lower sound pollution. When your sash windows have big gaps and rattle in the wind they’ll enhance considerably. If they are just cold as well as not that draughty, they’ll enhance the heat but sound pollution will not come along all that much.

Start by getting rid of the trim around the window. Eliminate the sash. Hold the cable to gently lower the weight, then slash and get rid of the visible sash cord.Access the weight, pulley, and the rest of the sash cable by removing the panel cover or window casing in the jamb. Remove any remaining parts of sash cable. For a much better assured result call a knowledgeable professional.

A sash window or hung sash window is constructed from several movable panels, or “”sashes””, that form a framework to hold panes of glass, which are normally divided from other panes (or “”lights””) by glazing bars).

Use silicone spray or a beeswax polish to grease the sliding elements. If the window starts to stick or squeak, NEVER make use of oil based products on your sash windows. Clean the outside pane of the top sash first. When total, return the sash to a vertical position and after that clean the inside pane.

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