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Casement Windows Restoration

Here at SashFit UK, we also provide services for casement windows from rot repair to draught proofing and decorating. We believe every one of your house windows have to experience the same degree of care and focus, and are here to deal with any kind of question you may have for casements, including a complete home window replacement service. We care about casements just as much as you do.

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Rot Repair

Windows rot and decay when the wood gets damp and begins to deteriorate. This is usually brought on by a breaking down of the paint, which starts to flake and permits water ingress. We can fix the window by splicing out the old rotten wood to then replace it with brand-new timber. We find this is a far more cost-effective remedy than replacing the entire home window.

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Replacement Windows

If your sash windows in M34 5 are too badly damaged and cannot be fixed, the remedy is to change them with a fresh replica sash window that has all the charm of period windows, yet benefits from our high quality double glazing units and draught proofing system. This provides you the best of both worlds, with a window that looks full of appeal and has superior energy efficiency.

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North West Double Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing is another fantastic method to save on your power bills. Our ultra-thin double glazing units will stop any kind of draughts from entering your home and they can reduce noise levels by as much as 50%. Make enquiries regarding double glazing and get your free quote from us here today, see the cash you can save.

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We can repair any kind of rot and repair the double glazing to match your existing sash windows, keeping the character of your house and building intact, whilst contributing to the sense of appeal. Just about any size, any appearance, any type of colour. No matter what kind of window sashes you have, we make your dream a reality with our stunning window service. Discover even more regarding double glazing for sash windows by speaking to us today.

Our Specialist Sash Window Restoration and Renovation Services Greater Manchester

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New Cords/Balancing

New cables and balancing are another of the services we supply. If the sash wires break and have to be repaired, or house windows will not remain open because of improperly balanced weights, which are way too heavy and make the windows to continue shutting-- you have an issue! We can take care of both of these problems with brand-new wires and a re-balancing service.

All Aspects Of Bespoke Joinery

Our custom joinery solutions cover every little thing you requirefor home improvement projects. Using competent carpentry, we provide a wide variety of solutions and have tailored services that are made with your specific preferences in mind, with totally transparent rates available at all times. Speak to us regarding the task you have in mind and let us supply you with a cost-free quote.

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Audenshaw Sash Window Designing

Inquire about our sash window decorating service after that leave everything to us. We prime, prepare and paint your home windows to exceptional levels, and leave you with a shining coating in your chosen colour. For a flawless coating and service with a smile, get a quote for our sash window decorating service and call us today.

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We take window safety and security extremely seriously here at SashFit UK and really want you to {feel} safe and well-protected whilst you are at home. Among the measures we take to ensure this includes the installment of integral locking mechanisms and barrel locks, which can be fitted to safeguard the windows. We ensure sash windows are strong, look terrific and are better shielded.

Audenshaw Sash Window Repairs - Refurbishment And Renovation Professionals

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Double Glazing

Energy efficient double glazing is another fantastic method to save on your power bills. Our ultra-thin double glazing units will stop any kind of draughts from entering your home and they can reduce noise levels by as much as 50%. Make enquiries regarding double glazing and get your free quote from us here today, see the cash you can save.

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Draught Proofing

Stop draughts, rattles, dirt and dust from entering your home. Our draught proofing professional service prevents all of this and more, plus it also helps with soundproofing, to provide you a warm and cosy home. If you want save cash on power bills and benefit from an energy efficient property, learn even more regarding this and get your home windows draughtproofed as soon as possible.


What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows date back to the 1600s. Part of what has made them a much-loved among property owners to date is their {aesthetics|visual appeal|pleasing looks|pleasing appearance. Throughout the years, sash windows have developed to become far more resistant, durable, and sensible. However, what many tend to overlook is that it’s not just the breakthroughs in energy efficiency, glazing, and UV protection that have played a major role in the advancement of sash windows and many other property structures. All these excellent changes can partly be attributed to many other factors, including the advancements and positive changes in building materials. Many property constructions are no longer what they used to be centuries back, thanks to the development in building materials.

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Besides repair, SashFit UK Sash Window Repair can design, supply, and install all sorts of wooden windows, including sash and casement. We can at the same time improve your existing windows to a double glazed variation, complete with draught-proofing.

Other professional services we provide include the manufacture and installment of:

Fit box sash window replacements
Full hardwood casement home windows (both doubleand single glazed for regular properties, conversion rooms, and listed properties.

What Makes The Sash Window Popular In Audenshaw?

The sash window has characteristics you won’t quickly get in other windows. Among its prominent functions is the fact that you can replace it from inside without having to scaffold. The other attribute is that it’s very easy to repair them. That’s what makes other wooden windows like casement and wooden doors prominent as well. Such repair works can be performed very well and to your satisfaction when you have the help of a qualified sash window expert like SashFit UK.


Sash windows came from Europe in the 13th Century. However their designs only began to get importance in the 16th century. They were prominent throughout Europe at the time, regardless of the simpleness in their concept. You could only open and shut them horizontally.

It didn’t take long before the window’s popularity spread into Britain. Brits immediately began to make them. They introduced new style attributes such as the vertically opening option. This was achieved by drilling several openings down the sides of the window’s frame. Pegs would at that point be placed to stop slippage, among other issues. With these brand-new style attributes, the sash window emerged as ideal for different purposes.

However sash windows weren’t without issues. One that they experienced the most was an insufficiently strong glass. While the window itself grew strong and a lot more refined with time, the glass panes didn’t. As a result, numerous panes would be used in each sash. One sash would hold up to ten glass panes. Larger sized panes weren’t as preferred as their little counterparts due to the fact that they were a lot more prone to breakage. Also important to note is that the surfaces within sash windows were lacking inconsistencies and problems.

The other obstacle was the glazing bars. Initially, they were quite thick, big, and noticeable. Therefore, they would eat into the overall visual appeals of the window.

Edwardian Period

The Edwardian era brought with it new changes that would later on revolutionise some of the sash window style elements. For instance, glass was made tougher while the glazing bars came to be relatively less in size and not as apparent and necessary as before. The result of these changes was sash windows with fewer glass panes (not more than 2).

Houses that were built during this era made use of ornate specifics more than anything else. Homeowners liked to have houses with windows that run from the ceiling right up to the floor. It was the most popular demand around this time. Because we now had a more tougher glass, these demands would readily be satisfied.

Two panes of glass were enough. The top and bottom sashes would hold them well. To make this set up visually appealing, the top sashes would be finalized with stained glass.

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One constantly wonderful attribute that sash window designs continue to identify themselves with is their longevity. They have always been super durable. With far better building materials, this attribute has been strengthened, making them among the most durable windows today.

Also the makers have a lot trust in them that it’s not unusual to see guarantees that extend over 50 years.

All these advancements have made sash windows a suitable property investment. Lots of property owners, specifically those searching for rewarding home renovation projects, continue to choose it, listing it among their most ideal property investments.

Proof of the sash window’s toughness can be seen at the Ham House in England. The sash windows on this property were fitted in 1670 when the owners, Duke and Duchess Lauderdale, decided to refurbish their home. Centuries later, the windows, and the rest of the mansion, still look fresh and enticing. Although a few repairs have been done to the property, the initial style and toughness have been preserved.


You have most likely encountered the conversations and arguments that touch on the connections involving wooden house windows and the natural environment. Some homeowners intentionally stay clear of installing them into their property in favour of the later.

The other side of this debate is that wood windows are in fact among the most environmentally-friendly windows today. Some window concepts, like the PVC varieties, take in nearly 10 times the energy you would utilize to make wood windows. On top of that, they are at any time off-gassing.

That beside, the natural wood used to make wooden windows and doors is usually put into optimal use. Even better, we currently have modern technologies, innovations, and techniques that minimize waste. Not to mention that wood can last for centuries, as apparent at the Ham House.

What’s more, you can have your wooden windows designed and painted/stained to your liking. That’s what initially made aluminium and vinyl windows special, but wooden windows are now far better when it comes to that, and other stylistic features.

Questions We Are Often Asked.

If initial windows are in relatively good condition it’s fair to anticipate an overhaul and draught proof to set you back from around £350 per window. In some cases external repairs are required such as sills or a new replacement sash that’s rotted away which can add to the cost.

” From the minute you acquire your window we have a lead time of between 8 – 12 weeks to construct and manufacture your window for you. The real installment itself can take anywhere between 3 hrs to a complete day.

One way to draught proof your sash windows is by utilising weather stripping or timber beading. In trying to keep up with the style of sash window properties the heritage timber beads are encouraged. A much better way is to call an experienced professional.

A window sash is the part of a window that shifts and holds the glass panes together. The sash fits inside the window frame, which is connected to your house. The sash will vary slightly based on the kind of window. For instance, on a double hung window there is an upper and lower sash that move up and down.

7 Tips To Help Maintain Your Sash Windows

Always keep your windows tidy. If you’re using paper towels to wipe the glass, you’re doing it wrong.

Paint your home windows regularly.

Stop your home windows from sticking.

Preserve your windows insulation.

Always keep your home windows safe.

Oil windows for smooth functioning.

Regularly examine your windows for rot.

Lower timber degeneration.

Loose glass can be a culprit of rattling sashes. If the glass is loose look to reseal and re putty the sashes. The most common cause is likely to be slack beading, so having your parting and staff beads replaced and adding in our draught proofing is a sure fire way to get rid of rattling sashes

Let’s be completely clear, sash window draught proofing can considerably decrease noise pollution. When your sash windows have big spaces and rattle in the wind they’ll enhance considerably. If they are simply cold and not that draughty, they’ll enhance the heat but noise pollution won’t come along all that much.

Begin by getting rid of the trim around the window. Eliminate the sash. Hold the cord to carefully lower the weight, then slash and remove the noticeable sash cord.Access the weight, pulley, and the rest of the sash cord by eliminating the panel cover or window casing in the jamb. Get rid of any remaining pieces of sash cord. For a much better assured result call an experienced expert.

A sash window or hung sash window is made from several movable panels, or “”sashes””, that form a framework to hold panes of glass, which are normally separated from other panes (or “”lights””) by glazing bars).

Make use of silicone spray or a beeswax polish to grease the sliding components. If the window begins to stick or squeak, NEVER use oil based products on your sash windows. Clean the outside pane of the top sash first. When total, return the sash to a vertical position and after that clean the inside pane.

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