How to Apply For Planning Permission For New Sash Windows

The majority of happy homeowners do not need to apply for planning permission to enhance their homes with new sash windows. However, for those who live in a conservation area, have a property which is a listed building, or are subject to an article 4 directive, permission from the local council is absolutely essential. Luckily, there are timber sash window ranges and uPVC lines which are suitable for addition into such buildings, so all that’s left to do is to apply for the necessary approval.

Ask for Advice

Most councils offer a very useful pre – application advice service, but even if yours doesn’t officially, it’s still worth talking to them first to build up a working relationship. Each council has a planning office and/or conservation officer, so make the effort to speak to them over the phone or in person if possible (with a follow up email for records).

They will want to know your address, as well as a written description of what you intend to do. Where new windows are concerned, be sure to list your proposed windows as timber or uPVC windows and name the provider and installer, as some manufacturers/fitters have a better reputation than others.

In your preliminary proposal, be sure to provide a diagram and photographs of your property and any proposed changes. It also helps to talk to your neighbours, as once the application is made public they will have the chance to oppose it. Once you have the council’s recommendations, ensure that you follow them, as avoiding doing so would make the entire process worthless.


Once you’re confident in the quality of your proposal outline for sash windows in your listed/ conservation area or article 4 directive building, contact your planning office or conservation officer to get hold of the application forms; although, sometimes these can be found online too, but most if not all authorities require the forms to be returned as a hard copy, not via email.


The key when applying is to take your time, double check everything and even have a professional cast their eye over the finished application to avoid time consuming errors.

Just before you send off the forms, go through and make sure you’ve filled everything in, and be certain to send all the forms – many applications are unfinished or have pages omitted by mistake.

Finally be patient while waiting for approval for your sash windows. Applications can take months, but you should receive confirmation that yours is valid within a few weeks.

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