How Do Sash Windows Work?

As the summer approaches once more, the large majority of us will be greeting the heat of the sun like an old, much missed friend. However, before the temperatures really begin to rise it would be wise to remember last year, when soaring temperatures brought the prospect of health problems and widespread discomfort associated with the heat. On this point, whilst sash windows bring their own character and practicality to a property all year round, they’re particularly useful in summer. That’s because, by opening both the top and bottom sashes an equal amount, property owners can draw cooler air in at the bottom and vent hot air at the top, thus regulating internal temperatures.

However, some sash window users don’t take advantage of this technique fully, as they simply don’t understand how sash windows work. If this sounds familiar; don’t worry – I’ve briefly explained the technology used below.

The Basic Principle

Inside sash windows you’ll find a seemingly complex system consisting of pulleys and counterweights. The basic function of this technology is not to move each sash of the window, but to enhance and assist in their movement. The opening of the windows is made easier by the force of gravity acting upon the internal weights, and vice versa when closing the window.

Effective Simplicity

It really is as simple as that; in many respects this aspect of sash windows has not changed much in hundreds of years for one good reason; it works. When this window form was first developed, cords, weights and pulleys could often be found on the exterior of the windows. However modern designs incorporate pretensioned spring balances, which can be accessed for maintenance purposes.

It would probably help to select a local supplier and visit their workshop, if you remain unsure of the exact way in which windows work. Rest assured that all you’ll have to do is slide the windows up or down as you wish, and the internal mechanics will do the rest.

If you’ve been hesitating to explore the idea of sash windows for your home because you didn’t fully understand how they work then there is help available, and it would be a terrible shame for you to miss out on such a beautifully time honoured style for that reason. Many companies display an infectious enthusiasm for all things sash which is evident from the fact that they’re all they make! This means that most are happy to simply talk you through how windows work, with no hard sell or sales pressure.

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