Draught Proofing Across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire & Yorkshire

sash windows draught proofing

Our draught proofing system is a subtle technique of stopping those draughts plus rattles; it is also an energy efficient approach of keeping the warm air in and the cold out, so your residence is warm and comfortable and also cosy at all times. Using a discreet brush pile system, routed in the staff and parting beads, we make sure your sash window frames are effectively draught-proofed without affecting the way they run.

We router the bottom rail and meeting rail and set up the brush stack to ensure there will be no draughts, leaving you with a comfortable and inviting residence.

Draught proofing instantly improves your home, plus it can also assist to reduce your energy costs and has a range of additional advantages which are quickly noticeable.

We work throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire

Advantages of draught-proofing sash windows

  • Makes the home a lot more energy efficient
  • Lowers noise levels
  • Helps the sash run smoothly
  • Eliminates rattles
  • Keeps cold air out and warm air in

Our draught proofing solution is well-suited for all existing sash and casement windows, plus we typically finish this level of work to superior levels of workmanship here at SashFit UK, and to your complete satisfaction.

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Here at SashFit UK, we have the skills and also the experience to draught-proof existing windows on period Georgian and Victorian buildings throughout Didsbury and Nottinghamshire, plus the standard of work we offer is remarkable. We will draught-proof your sash windows and get rid of all the common issues associated with them, so you are left with frames that look wonderful and also operate with the best effectiveness.

Get a free draught proofing quote and see the big difference we can make to your home by contacting us today or call us on 01777 470 199 or 07772 494 258.

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